The truth is, we are all human. We sometimes set goals and lose focus- with every rationale reason behind it. The new season of our favorite TV show comes out, napping seems to be the better option, etc.

But here’s some more hopeful truth- there is no better time than the present. That project you always wanted to finish but never seem to have the time for? Set aside ten minutes today to get working on it again. You’ll be surprised that while you might cringe thinking of those ten minutes- you will want to keep working and working and ten minutes may turn into 2 hours!

My mom gave me two of the most life-changing books ever. The problem- I was in college, and never seemed to have “time” for them. Recently I saw them staring me down one day and I felt the urge to actually open them and see what was inside. It takes me about ten minutes of my day total to log in these books- and it’s some of the most positive impacts on my life. The books include a gratitude log of the day, a daily affirmation, and asks you to list things that would make today great. While these seemed kind of silly in the beginning, I have found that my mood for the day has changed drastically and I am so much more aware of my surroundings.

The power of gratitude is something that can’t be taken away from anyone. So spend the extra ten minutes of your day to work towards that goal you’ve been meaning to get to. Don’t have a goal in mind? Then spend five minutes writing down three things you are grateful for that day. The power of positive thinking  is INCREDIBLE. It can change the mood of your entire day. Not to mention it has inspired me to be more organized with my schedule and overall life! Something about physically writing things down truly makes the difference.


4 thoughts on “NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW

  1. Hi there! I couldn’t agree more with the points you made in your post. I have been fighting depression for the last four years, after my parents got divorced and I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. The overall situation made me withdraw myself from the world, and I felt like I was in this black hole that sucked me in until I came out with no energy left to live.


    I found positivity.

    Like you said, gratitude is truly empowering to hold. I have been writing down my goals in my diary, like to eat healthier, to hang out with my friends this week, etc. It really does make a difference. I thank god everyday for the life I have been given. I think just being out, enjoying life and tackling it head on with a good attitude, allows me to see the world in a better light- After getting out of my room and enjoying life for what I have been given, I realized my world was actually a lot bigger than I allowed it to be! Friends, family, the little things people sometimes underestimate nowadays- I’m thankful for all of them.

    Thank you for enlightening me on your post! I just followed and am looking forward to more of your posts- you should follow my blog too! I talk a lot about happiness, and the road to achieving it! I believe writing connects people, and can literally MAKE other people, well, happy!

    Lovely writing, keep it up! 🙂


    1. thank you so much!! I definitely will follow you back! I’m so happy my writing empowers you, I want to truly spread the positivity and gratitude around. as well as an adventurous side, because we live in such a beautiful world. I will be moving to Costa Rica soon and I’m sure I’ll have some interesting articles coming soon!

      I’m so happy you shared with me you’re journey, and you CAN DO IT! Keep it up and please stay in touch!
      Peace and love,
      Cass ❤

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