I’d rather be crazy

Direction. Who the hell can honestly say they know the exact direction their life is going to end up?


For those who answer that question with 100% confidence that they DO know, sorry cupcake but you’re very wrong.

I guess the main question that proceeds is what is the meaning of it all?? Why do we go to school, travel, get a job, fall in love, break hearts, feel the need to go on night drives?

I wish I had the ultimate cosmic answer to that question. But I can tell you that I strongly believe that every interaction, experience, or relationship we encounter- it all ties together.  We are apart of something much bigger than ourselves, and every struggle-every battle you face- has it’s purpose. I think the hard part is simply finding out what purpose that is.

There can always be negative ways of viewing situations in different circumstances. But the hard part sometimes is finding the positives. But I promise you that they are there.

For every experience (good or bad) you may go through that seems like it has changed your life- it probably has. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be affect your life in a negative way. Maybe it made you stronger, maybe it made you wiser, maybe it opened your eyes to something you never saw before. Regardless of what it may be, always try to find the positives in experiences. They all add up and are a reason why you have the disposition and psyche that you have today.

Be grateful my friends. Gratitude goes a long way.





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