22 Things I’ve learned at 22

1. Stop comparing yourself. This is something that has taken years for me to truly grasp the importance of. But it’s one of the most important lessons. We are all fighting our own battles in life, and we all have unique things about us. That’s what is so amazing. There is no one like you. Own that.
2. I have so much growing to do still. I’ve come a hell of a long way, but I still know nothing. You are learning, growing, and changing every day. Don’t be arrogant.
3. Vote. Do it.
4. Find your outlet. Whether that be writing, exercise, music, or in my case all of those things. Don’t forget to use them.
5. Exercise. It’s the best thing for your mental and physical health.
6. Don’t make time for people who don’t make time for you.
7. Don’t take your life too seriously. Life is full of ups and down, and that is OKAY! Allow yourself to laugh and have a good time.
8. Appreciate your parents. They are the best people I know. They love you way more than you realize, and life moves faster than you may realize as well. Cherish your time with them.
9. Be more vulnerable. Put yourself in situations that you’re afraid of. Travel to new places. Meet new people. Be vulnerable in relationships.
10. Don’t let people treat you like crap. If they do, tell them that. If they don’t listen, move on from them. You don’t need that in your life.
11. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely.
12. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy. Exercise. Take a bath. Light a candle. Spend time with positive and uplifting people in your life. Be happy.
13. FOMO is real but it’s not the end of the world.
14. Trust your gut. 96% of the time it is spot on.
15. Your big heart is not a bad thing. Being able to give people the love you want to receive back is not a negative thing. You (I) will probably get hurt more in doing so, but the fact that you can FEEL that should remind you how lucky you are. You feel every feeling so intensely, and you’re blessed because of that. It IS a positive. You will get the love you deserve at the right time.
16. You’re still alive. All of the BS you’ve been through, and you’re still here. Life keeps going. People move on. You grow. Move forward. Stop looking back.
17. It’s okay to be sad.
18. Take risks. Find out more about yourself as a human being. & be comfortable with what you find.
19. Travel. Any chance you get.
20. Believe in yourself. Believe you can get to where you want to be. Turn the thoughts into actions and your actions will become your reality.
21. Be okay with rejection. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It will only make you stronger. On to the next opportunity, person, ….
22. Love yourself. The hands down most important. Understand your value. Know your true worth. I know it sounds cliché but it is so so so so so important.




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