wanna be happier?

and if you ask me….it all comes down to it…the law of attraction,

wishing positive things upon others, and yourself. your mindset. you have to believe you can do things, you can get to the places you want to be.

negative thoughts will only eat you alive. your body feeds off it. tell yourself you can’t do something, your body will follow and believe it. depression. only wanting to sleep all day. and eat junk food. I’ve been there haha. i’m slowly working my way out.

the things we exert our energy towards become our reality.

fuel your body with good foods = clear mind
get lots of sleep by going to bed early and wake up early= clear mind
fuel your mind with positive, motivating thoughts= happy mind
WORKOUT=endorphins=happy mind

happy + clear mind = happier you

while believing in others and always trying to be good to others is 100% the correct approach, don’t get me wrong, i do believe this to my core.

I also think you need to be SELFISH.
you need to do what is best for you- and sometimes that means disappointing others. or losing a friend here and there. at the end of the day, the people who belong in your life will somehow be there. in the right way it’s meant to be in your life.

man i’ve spent too long focusing on pleasing others and worrying what my life looks like to others. be free. fu**ing allow yourself to let go of that. once you start living your life for YOU- once again, law of attraction, you will be much happier.


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